Odd Squad Shrine

This shrine is going to be a little different from the rest because when I watched Odd Squad I only really used youTube and google, and thus, never really got into the fandom. I do have a few pieces of fanart I collected later that I might add here, but for now ths is going to be a documentation of the Odd Squad lore me and my friends made up for our own Odd Squad.

The Odd Squad Database:

Welcome to the Odd Squad Database. When Odd Squad was first founded we used notebooks as a way for each agent to keep track of diseases, gadgets, and messages from headquarters, but lately we've moved online.


Odd Squad only recruits agents that are kids and every agent must have a name that starts with an S or and O. If agaents don't have names that start with an S or an O they must change the first letter of their name to fix that although they dont' have to go by that name outside of work.


  1. Disease:
    Causes things.


These are the gadgets that we use to cure odd diseases. They must be used in this order or they won't work, so remember to check for other disease before you try and cure someone.

  1. Toothbrushinator:

    Can do anything except brush teeth.
  2. Beatinator:

    Cures or causes the beats.
  3. Hypnotizinator:

    Cures or causes the hypnotize disease.
  4. Repeatinator Type 2:

    Cures or causes the repeats type 2.
  5. Mutinator:

    Cures or causes the mutes.
  6. Repeatinator Type 1:

    Cures or causes the repeats type 1.
  7. Copyinator Type 1:

    Cures or causes ???.
  8. Singinator Type 2:

    Cures or causes ???.
  9. Repeatinator Type 3:

    Cures or causes the repeats type 3.
  10. Chatterboxinator:

    Cures or causes ???.
  11. Copyinator Type 2:

    Cures or causes ???.
  12. Singinator Type 1:

    Cures or causes ???.
  13. Imaginator:

    Cures or causes ???.
  14. Literalinator Type 2:

    Cures or causes ???.
  15. Literalinator Type 1:

    Cures or causes ???.
  16. Selfinator:

    Cures or causes selfitis.
  17. Ageinator:

    Cures or causes ???.
  18. Mindinator:

    Cures or causes ???.
  19. Seriousinator:

    Cures or causes ???.


Unfortunatly code is too sensitive to put online in case the database is hacked, but every agent should have code memorized* along with any animal transformations they might have.

*I still remember code
Odd Squad Seals from: Odd Sqaud Wiki
Page Dividers and Backgrounds from: Cinni's Dream House on NeoCities
Icons from: Diego Vanilla on Deviant Art